Meet the Made in Minny Ambassadors!

Hello & welcome, we're so glad you're here!

It's Naomi, the creative lady behind everything Made in Minny! This journey has been so fun for us over the last two years, and we're finally growing the MIM team! We're beyond excited for you to get to know these amazing ladies we now get to call our very own brand ambassadors!

What's an ambassador, you ask? These women represent the Made in Minny brand by wearing our gear, they are passionate about small business and love sharing creative photos! Above all else they're free spirited and kind. They love exploring the outdoors and are always looking for a new adventure! This program is meant to inspire creativity within the Instagram community and encourage others to get outside & explore this beautiful world we live in. It's meant to brighten someone's day, and to share each other's hard work and creativity. Get more details on the program here!

We hope you embrace these amazing women with all the positive vibes, love & support. We encourage you to connect with them, reach out & say hi or give them a follow! They are all so talented, and we can't wait to share more about each of them in the coming weeks!

Hey! I’m Alexandra, and I was born and raised in northern MN, in a town of 170 people(currently still live here) and I think about 50 of them are family members. I’m a momma to 4 amazing babies, and married to my highschool sweetheart! I love all things fashion, styling and makeup, but don’t be fooled... I love being outside with my kids and going mudding and fishing, and just enjoying the small things in life. Im a simple girl with big dreams.

What's up guys I'm Kayla Wray. Originally from Arizona but living in SoCal now. You can catch me normally in all black..even in the summer chilling with a drink in my hand. I live for road trips, dope music, and my boo-thang. Tattoos and working out are pretty much my favorite things ever. Dont forget to just be your damn self. Xo ♡


Hi! I'm Brooke 🌻 22 years young and I love living life to the fullest! I have a cleaning business here in Alexandria, MN where I live with my boyfriend, Ryan and husky, Kuda! When I'm not cleaning houses, I live for being outdoors! Hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding, long boarding, running + walking, boating, and campfires are my jam!! Taking pictures of nature and cooking are my favorite stress relievers. Traveling is my favorite thing to do! The mountains are my happy place and I would call myself a dendrophile. If I could be anywhere, I'd be surrounded by trees ✨🌲 with that being said, I hope to someday call Alaska my home!

Hey, I'm Heather! I'm a freelance copywriter based in Charlotte, NC. I also have a small boho jewelry & decor Etsy shop, which my boyfriend and I manage together. I'm also a hobby photographer, adventurer, crazy crystal lady, iced coffee addict and Pomeranian dog mom :)


A peace-loving adventurer you can find roaming the streets of DC or getting lost in nature. The serenity of the outdoors fuels my soul. I’m a Texas native but have lived and traveled all over. Cats, coffee, and crystals complete my existence and make life a little brighter. 

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