June Updates & My Social Media Cleanse

June Updates & My Social Media Cleanse


By Naomi Goff / Owner of Made in Minny

Hey friends! Hiii! How are you? I miss you!

The month of June has been such a breath of fresh air! If you follow me on IG, you may have noticed it has been pretty quiet on @made_in_minny & @naomigoff.

Here's why! I opted for a month of putting my phone down & went on a social media cleanse.

I put my social media apps in a folder (so I wouldn’t accidentally click on them) and went on with my normal daily life. Yes—I still worked everyday, orders were still being shipped out, I still took lots of photos, created content and worked on developing new products! I wasn’t scrolling on social media or worrying about what I ‘had to post’ in between all of my other obligations.. which is obviously my norm.

Let me tell you, it has been SO nice! SO refreshing & mind clearing. As much as I miss connecting with guys & seeing your updates.. I felt that I needed this time to refocus MY business and life, without being bombarded by the constant pull to interact and spend time on social media.

When is the last time you did a little social media cleanse? Well, I realized that I hadn’t intentionally gone off of social media since 2016. Which is way too long overdue for me, it was needed! 

I needed a hard reset—and needed to rethink the way I utilize Instagram as a platform for sharing my business and personal life updates. After having some time away, I quickly realized that I really DO enjoy not being so connected. I enjoyed a little relief from taking in the constant stream of information we are bombarded with daily. Do you know that we take in more information in one day than our ancestors did across a whole entire year?! That. is. actually. crazy!

I will admit, it was definitely a challenge at first. I was a little bummed seeing your tags, comments, direct messages etc. and not being able to check them or reply.  It's funny how we've gotten SO used to instant communication. But then I reminded myself that your comments and posts would still be there for me when I returned. I reminded myself that this is not something I'm SUPPOSED to do or HAVE to do. It’s an app. It's a choice I consciously make and choose to be involved in. It’s not meant to be abused.. it’s a tool for communication, interaction and connection. Thinking from a business standpoint, it also shouldn’t be my sole method of communicating with my customers. There’s plenty of ways to ‘slice it’, and it can be whatever you want it to be for YOU, but I decided it’s not going to be at the center of my life or the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning.

Our minds truly weren’t designed to take in so much information, especially about other people’s lives. Whether it's people we know or don't know in real life, celebrities, etc. it's total information overload. So that’s why I decided, hey...why not get rid of this distraction for a little while and see what it does for me? Why not? There was really no good reason not to, so I went for it. It was time for a priority shift & time to create some boundaries around social media. 

Main takeaways after 1 month of not opening Instagram —

  • Less screen time - down 40%+ daily
  • Less distractions/interruptions/phone pickups & more focus on the task at hand
  • On walks I was actually taking in more of my surroundings & not worrying about notifications that popped up
  • Waking up to my own thoughts. Not even going on my phone ‘til I read my daily devotional and well into my cup of coffee
  • More happiness, less anxiety
  • Reading more - in fact I set a goal to read 10 books by the end of the year (2 down, and 3 currently in progress)!
  • Attention on the people I'm with, not checking my phone every few minutes
  • The only downside was missing highlights from the few people I like staying in touch with, and not returning comments and saying my thank you’s (again, I knew I would reply to your missed posts and messages once I returned).

Moving forward I’ve decided to do a phone/social media free day each week. A day to recharge & put my focus on more important things to me!! If I feel I need two days.. then I'll go or it. I'm excited for this change and it's something I think I've needed to implement for a while.

For me, the benefits far outweigh any cost I could find in this. It’s refreshing! It's a reminder that 15-20 years ago this stuff wasn’t part of anyone’s daily life. It’s good to think about these things and put that into perspective for ourselves. Remember, it's a choice.. it's not just supposed to be part of our lives.

So while I've been away, here are some of my adventures from the past month!

  • My fitness journey has continued & remained a top priority! I'm down 55-60 pounds still and working on building muscle and toning specific areas. Plenty of outdoor walks & workouts, plus my Orange Theory studio opened back up so I'm there twice a week! We also started doing Sunday family outdoor workouts lead by my aunt who is an amazing fitness trainer! (Message me if you want to see my before & after photos or need help/inspiration in that area, I'm an open book)!
  • Thrift shopping came back since stores were shut down, and I’ve found my fair share of treasures from Goodwill, Turnstyle & Savers
  • Got my hair done at Salon Mintee where my sister works & stopped by Tremblay's.. the famous candy store downtown Stillwater for all the Saltwater Taffy. (of course squeezed in a workout across the lift bridge which they just finally opened up!)
  • Kayaked 7 miles from Taylor’s Falls, MN to Osceola, WI on the St Croix River. I would SO do that again & recommend it if you're in the area!
  • Development of new products!! Boho Fringe Coasters, Ear Savers, & new Coffee Cup Sleeves
  • Lots of family BBQ's.. summer fun in the sun!

As always, thank YOU for being here in my little corner of the internet! I'm thankful for you and I'm so happy to share this adventure with you.






  • Jenna Ross

    Hi Naomi!
    Glad you are doing good!
    I’ve been contemplating on doing no social media for a long period of time, not sure if I can do it!
    You inspire me! Keep up the good work!
    BTW I love my head wrap!!

  • Tammy

    Such an important read, it resonates with me on every level. I suspect many people feel the same, thank for this Naomi!

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