Casual beanie outfits to help you transition from summer to fall

Casual beanie outfits to help you transition from summer to fall

Heyyy girl, hey! Thanks for clicking on this post and I hope this finds you sipping a delicious coffee and getting excited for all things fall!

It’s that tricky in-between time when the sun is still warm, but the mornings and evenings turn chilly. So I thought I’d put together a guide for you with my go-to beanie outfits as we navigate the changing season! And what better way to do it than with our new cozy beanies? In this guide, we'll explore some casual beanie outfits with different tops that are my go-to’s for end of summer/early fall. Most of these outfits are brought to you by Minny Thrift!

Let’s dive in!

1. The Oversized Tee & Beanie Combo

Outfit Idea: Pair an oversized tee with your favorite boyfriend fit jeans, leggings, or even plaid pants.
  • Oversized tees are always a go-to for me. I’m talking like definitely way too big oversized, baggy 90’s vibes. Here, I paired a brighter beanie to bring out the colors on my graphic tee. I always embrace feeling like I don’t have to wear something tight fitting.. it can still be a super cute vibe. It’s still t-shirt weather, so this one is just easy and effortless. Definitely what I wear when I need to leave the house in just a few minutes!

2. Tank or tee with transitional layers

Outfit Idea: Keep summer vibes alive by pairing a tank top with a lightweight jacket/button up shirt/lightweight plaid & jeans. Add a beanie for that perfect fall touch.
  • I’m still rocking my cute tank tops at this point, but it’s nice to throw on a lightweight layer that you could take off if it gets too warm. I like to have a lot of lightweight layers in my closet, like button up shirts, plaid that aren’t flannel, and cute jackets.

3. Long sleeve under tee look

Outfit Idea: Layer a lightweight long-sleeve top or thermal under a t-shirt.

  • You can thrift really good long sleeves (check the men’s section) that layer great under an oversized graphic tee. This is such a cute look (it’s giving 90s vibes for sure, which I’m all for) to complete with a beanie that matches your vibe.

4.  Stand alone long sleeves

Outfit Idea: Long sleeves on their own, either comfy lightweight thermals or a long sleeve top that has some texture but not too heavy. Elevate the look with a beanie to balance warmth and style.

  • Long sleeves with the right texture and weight can be so comfy and breathable. Sometimes it's nice to just wear one top, keep it simple, and not feel like you have to layer anything.

5. Denim on denim

Outfit Idea: Denim on denim.

  • Simple tee, oversized denim jacket, jeans, beanie. Here I had a black denim jacket with blue jeans. You really can’t go wrong with this look!

6. Flannel feels

Outfit Idea: Throw on a cozy flannel shirt over a graphic tee or tank. The beanie completes the look of course.
  • I like to have a lot of different types of plaid in my closet. Some lighter weight for when I don’t need the extra thickness. There are so many different types of plaid too. A classic fall staple that I think everyone can get behind!

7. Sweatshirts & crewnecks

Outfit idea: Pair a lighter weight hooded sweatshirt with a vest & beanie

  • Obviously we all love to be comfy! I think either a regular or cropped crewneck, or a zip up sweatshirt and beanie work well with the changing season. I also love the look of sweatshirts under vests!

8. Lightweight sweater

Outfit idea: Lighter weight oversized sweater & leggings or jeans and your go-to beanie

  • Always so excited to break out my sweaters, but the key this time of year is finding ones that are still breathable and lighter weight! I love oversized sweaters (and vintage of course).



At this time of year I’m usually switching from sandals to sneakers. You can still wear sandals with a lot of these looks, but it’s nice to have your toes covered. I also like neutral chunky lace up boots with jeans!

Shopping or thrifting list... these are some items to look out for!

  1. Simple white, black and tan tees (you can cut to crop them if you like wearing with high waisted jeans). Target or TJ Maxx usually has these basics.
  2. Boyfriend jeans or more relaxed fit jeans. My go-to’s for a less expensive denim are H&M (love the 90s boyfriend jeans) and American Eagle. For something a little spendier but so worth it, Abercrombie (I personally like the Dad Jean) Jeans fit and size are truly all over the place.. so don’t worry about sizing up or down from your norm.. try all different sizes, styles and cuts. It’s just a tag, like I’d rather have a really good fit than worry about the number on a tag. Heck I buy men’s jeans from the thrift store and size up.. it’s all about the fit for me!
  3. Oversized graphic tees. You can always try to thrift them, but they can be few and far between since thrift stores are highly searched. I always go straight to the men’s section at the thrift store if I do look. I also love H&M, Pacsun and Tilly’s graphic tees (I typically buy men’s for oversized). Target has some cute ones too.
  4. Lightweight button up shirts. The thrift store is where you can find the largest variety of so many different lightweight shirts and jackets. Otherwise, I find some of my cutest ones at Target in the Wild Fable section, or TJ Maxx or American Eagle.
  5. Denim jackets. I’ve found some cute ones at Target, H&M and thrift stores. Oversized, more cropped, black or brown, vintage or new. So many options for denim jackets! What's nice is that they don't ever go out of style.
  6. Lightweight sweaters. Love oversized, soft, larger flowy sleeves.
  7. Cutoff/crop basic crewneck sweatshirts

Transitioning your style from summer to fall can be super easy with the right elements. The beauty is, you can mix and match your beanie with anyyyy of these outfits! I think simple outfits are great, and our beanies serve as a statement piece that can elevate your look while also keeping it casual!

I hope this helps you make the transition from summer to fall an easy one! If you found this post helpful, please tap the share button below and share it with a friend!

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